Tactical Precision Rifle 1

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Cost: $350.00 (breakfast pastries and lunch is included)

Date/Time: Sunday September 27, 2015 8 am to 5 pm

Duration: 9 hours including a lunch break

Location: Ranch in Marin County. Location will be supplied to registered students.

Age: 18+


This course is designed to teach the basics of precision shooting. Students will learn about the elements of a rifle system supporting long range target engagement and the basic skills required to engage targets at long ranges. Students will have an opportunity to engage steel targets from 350 yards to around 1150 yards.

Most shooting will be done from the prone position while working in two man shooter/spotter teams. Students are encouraged to attend with a partner but this is not required. Supported position shooting using shooting sticks, camera tripods and a full size bi-pod is also offered.

Course Goal

To introduce students to the skills required for long range target engagement, explain the necessary equipment and provide an opportunity to engage long range targets while receiving expert coaching.


  1. Introduction to Rifle Safety, Parts, and Operation

  2. Introduction to Ammunition and the Fundamentals of Rifle Shooting

  3. Introduction to Rifle Shooting Positions

  4. Components of a Precision Rifle

  5. Effects of Wind

  6. Use of Ballistic Computers and Charts to Obtain Initial Data

  7. Live Fire Exercise Using A Precision Rifle

Course Completion

Students will receive feedback on the live-fire exercise and a course certificate upon successful completion of the lessons.

Prerequisites: None

WARNING: It is strongly recommended students contact the instructors about the suitability of the rifle and scope they intend to use for this class. We are NOT responsible if your equipment fails and no refunds will be issued should this occur.

Important Notice: Firearms must be kept in a case until instructed otherwise and no ammunition will be allowed in the classroom. Please leave ammunition and firearm(s) in your vehicle until you are instructed to retrieve it.

Materials Provided by Instructors

  1. Targets

  2. Breakfast Pastries

  3. Barbecue Lunch

  4. Water

Rifle Rental

Four precision rifle systems are available for rental during this course. Two are in .308 Winchester and the other two are in .223 Remington. If you wish to rent one of these rifles for the course please contact the instructors for details.

Materials Provided by the Student

  1. Precision rifle system, .223/5.56 NATO to .338 Lapua Magnun calibers permitted, MOA Elevated scope rail, Quality scope with mil-dot reticle, total milling reticle (TMR), Horus reticle or similar reticle and target turret or BDC style knobs.

  2. 150 to 200 rounds match grade ammunition.

  3. Spotting Scope 20x Minimum (optional).

  4. Eye and Ear Protection,

  5. Shooting Mat.

  6. Bi-pod.

  7. Sand Sock for rear rifle rest (can be made using air-soft pellets and a durable sock).

  8. Notebook with two pens and/or pencils.

  9. Rifle data book (recommended http://ustacticalsupply.com/modularsniperdatabooknsn1220-01-547-1801.aspx) (optional).

  10. Calculator and Mildot Master (optional).

  11. Tripod (optional).

About the Instructors

Michael Palombo

Michael Palombo started shooting when he was six years old, first receiving instruction from his Uncle Billy, a USMC WWII combat veteran. He is an NRA certified firearms instructor (pistol, rifle, shotgun, personal protection in the home, personal protection outside the home) and Chief Range Safety Officer. Michael has extensive tactical training in pistols, carbines, long rifles and shotguns. He is also a certified EMT and tactical medic. For more information see:



Billy Souza

Billy Souza is a third generation range-master. His family opened the Circle S Shooting Range in 1965. Billy started shooting when was six years old and by the age of 14 was competing against adults in local black powder competitions and placing. Billy later focused his interest on recreational shooting and hunting. During that time he developed his skills in large caliber rifles, such as the Lapua 338 and long range bench rest shooting. In 2011 he was invited to shoot at the NBRCSA (National Bench Rest Association) competition and placed 7th.


Students using a semi-automatic rifle MUST employ a brass catcher.

Sign-Up Policy:

Attendees can sign-up for the class or ask questions by calling (415) 577 9279 or emailing michael.palombo.com@gmail.com . Students can sign up online here:


A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a space in the class with the balance due at minimum a week prior to the class date. We recommend students pay in full when registering if possible to avoid possibly failing to pay the follow up amount in time.

Cancellation Policy:

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